My name is Anthony (Tony) Richard Staffiere Jr., as the owner of A.R.S. Electric I would like to share my electrical background with you:

I am proud to say I owe a big part of where I am today to my Dad (Anthony Senior). He has always been a “jack of all trades”. Back in the early 70’s we did some major renovations to our summer cottage on Cape Cod. He made notice of how quickly I picked up on working with tools and my instinctive knowledge of electricity. He suggested that I attend trade school and if I didn’t like it I could always return to Winchester High. I took his recommendation and in 1972 I signed up at Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational School (NEMRVS). Unlike most of the freshman students that needed to chose a trade after experiencing different shops in the 9th grade exploratory year, I knew before hand that I wanted to attend the Electrical Program at NEMRVS.

When I graduated in 1976 from NEMRVS, work in the electrical trade was scarce at that time. I went to work for the Kent Agency of Boston for one year. My responsibility was to repair industrial vacuums and floor cleaning equipment, where I gained a great deal of knowledge on the workings of motors and controls.

In 1978 I served my apprenticeship with Vincent Electric, a mid sized Electrical Contractor. I remained with them for close to 9 years. I acquired my Journeyman electrician’s license in December of 1979. While working at Vincent Electric, I did a lot of side work on nights and weekends. With the extra earnings, I purchased one major tool from each job. When working an 8 hour day plus all the nights and weekends I made the decision to transition into my own business. In 1988 I took and passed my Master Electrician’s examination. In 1998, I incorporated my business.